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Curriculum 21@ACS(BR)

Is a cross-cultural exchange programme for all Secondary 3 students to gain global perspectives through experiencing the connections between people, cultures and the environment.

The programme aims to engage students about global issues like poverty, globalization and citizenry so that through encountering, it may inspire them to join great minds and hearts in noble causes for the good of humanity.

C21@ACS(BR) Objectives

MOE’s 21st century competencies and student outcomes
MOE’s 21st century competencies and student outcomes
  1. Every ACSian to acquire ACS(BR) values & 21 Century competencies.
  2. Every ACSian to integrate and apply what they have learnt in the classrooms to real world context.

A.C.E. Model

School A.C.E. MODEL
C21@ACS(BR) program consists of 3 components:
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Experience
The integration of all 3 aspects aims to make teaching and learning holistic.