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National Education Programme


Develop in our youth a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing Singapore and a good knowledge of our achievements as well as ambuing a deep sense of belonging, desire to contribute and confidence in Singapore's future in our youth.


"Rooted & Confident of Singapore's Future"


(I) Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys that seek to develop in our students  a deep understanding of our governance and the challenges that we faced as well as to take pride in our achievements

Lower Secondary: Theme – Know Our Heritage & History
Level Programme
Sec 1 By the Banks of Bukit Time (done in-house)
Sec 2 Subsumed under the Sec 2 Camp (students went to JB - Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm)

Upper Secondary : Theme – Confident In Our Future
Level Programme
Sec 3 Subsumed under  C21 (students go to various countries eg. Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.)
Sec 4 OCS (SAFTI MI) & Army Museum
 Sec 5Sustained Economic Growth (through Tourism) 

(II) NE Commemorative Days


Total Defence Day

Theme for 2012 - "Father & Son " Appreciation to NS men roles in Total Defence (token of appreciation to NSmen by PSG and school) Revision of the Civil Defence Sirens System

Military, Civil, Social & Psychological

International Friendship Day

Sharing of other cultures and to appreciate diversity in Singapore: Sharing by Mr Gareth McAteer of his homeland (Northern Island - Conflict between the Protestant and Catholics)

Military, Civil, Social & Psychological

Racial Harmony Day "Extending beyond tolerance to appreciation of the different ethnic groups in Singapore." Skit by NE Ambassadors and talk by representative from the Peranakan Association  Link to Social Studies Syllabus 
National Day Celebration "Pride in Nationhood and meaningful exploration of what it means to be Singaporean" National Day celebrations at School with parade, recitation of reflections, arts group performance, singing of national songs Social , Civil, Economic & Psychological 

(III) Student Leadership  - NE Ambassadors' training

  • To discover more the NE messages through game-play and exhibits
  • To learn to engage their peers in school through good leadership skills and as effective team player
  • To build confidence in speaking and communications as an outdoor guide 
  • To learn to engage their peers in school using NE game-play
  • To empower the Student Leaders to lead through grassroots activities (Meet the People's Session @ Moulmein Kallang)