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Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) is one of the six units of the ACS Family of Schools. The Anglo-Chinese School was established in 1886 with the vision and passion of one man, Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham. At the time, little was offered by way of education in the city-port and he wanted to provide an education for the many boys he saw wandering aimlessly in the streets. On 1st March 1886, he founded Anglo-Chinese School in a shophouse in Amoy Street with 13 students.

ACS (Barker Road) was established on 1st January 1994 as a full government-aided school catering to both Primary and Secondary students. The purpose of establishing a full school in the ACS Family was to cater to the feeder pupils from 2 primary schools, who could not gain admission to ACS (Independent) but wished to continue with an ACS secondary education. Today, ACS (Barker Road)'s role in the Family of Schools has not changed.

As the school grew, plans to redevelop the campus were made and in 1999, the school split into two schools – ACS (Primary) and ACS (Barker Road). Both schools were relocated to separate holding schools while Barker Road Campus was being redeveloped. In January 2003, ACS (Primary) and ACS (Barker Road) moved back to the Barker Road Campus. ACS (Barker Road) today offers an education that holds true to Bishop Oldham's vision of a philosophy of education that stresses Academic Achievement, Strength of Character and Christian Service.

The ACS (Barker Road) Educational Experience

Education at ACS (Barker Road) centres on the belief that God is our Strength and Provider, and that by His Grace, pupils come to us for a purpose - to have their lives touched and changed. We recognise and accept that each pupil is unique and that individual abilities differ widely. An ACS education has always stood for the total development of a child. Anchoring it is the strong belief that in addition to the mind and body, there is also a need to enrich the soul. This touches the heart and gives character to the being. It is our mission to Touch Hearts by creating memories and giving meaning to all the things that our pupils do, we Empower Minds by sharpening their intellect and broadening their perspectives and we Enrich Souls by helping them grow in Faith and serving others.