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2019 awards

1Mrs Jeanette Wee
Long Service Award (35 years)
2 Mdm Noreen MahmoodLong Service Award (25 years)
3 Mr Timothy WongLong Service Award (20 years) 
4Mdm Shanthi NaiduLong Service Award (20 years)
5Mdm Choo Li HwaLong Service Award (15 years) 
6Mr Syed IbrahimLong Service Award (15 years) 
7Mr Jeremiah Goh  Long Service Award (15 years)
8Mdm Heriana SamadLong Service Award (15 years)
9Ms Fong Chee SingLong Service Award (15 years)
10Mr Alan LimLong Service Award (15 years)
11Mr Damien FongLong Service Award (15 years)
12Mr Ng Kok FooLong Service Award (10 years)
13Mr Mohd Faisal  Long Service Award (10 years)
14Mdm Lim Poh FangLong Service Award (10 years)
15Ms Diana KuekLong Service Award (10 years)
16Mr Oh Boon TeckLong Service Award (10 years)
17Ms Celine TeoLong Service Award (10 years)
18Mr Lim Jit Peow IsaacCCE Award - Character Building in CCA (Handball) 
19Mr Asaph Lee  CCE Award - Infusing NE Values and Building Historical Empathy in Sec 2 History
20Mr Wesley Syn CCE Award - Infusing CCE Values into Sec 3 SSI 
21Ms Celine Teo CCE Award - Infusing CCE Values into Sec 3 SSI
22Mdm Audrey Naomi TanCCE Award - Infusing CCE Values into Sec 3 SSI 
23Mr Kasmuri HambaliCCE Award - Customisation of FT Time for the year 
24Mdm Li YayaCCE Award - Customisation of FT Time for the year
25Ms Siti SuminahCCE Award - Customisation of FT Time for the year 
26Mr John Praveen Raj  CCE Award - Drama VIA collaboration with APSN and Jurong Secondary School
27Mr Tan Yi FanICT NS Excellence 
28Mr Mark Goh ICT NS Excellence
29Mr Dalvin Ho ICT NS Excellence
30Mr Azlan B Mohd Yuni MOE Long Service Medal
31Mdm Alice Wang  National Day Commendation Medal
32Mr Dennis Lin MOE Service Excellence Award (Platinum)
33Mdm Elke Puspitasari Handoyo MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
34Ms Iris Chia  MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
35Ms Joan Anne Lim MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
36Mdm Lee Qian Ying  MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
37Ms Low Hei Chin MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
38Ms Nur' Azeanti MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
39Ms Nurrulhuda MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
40Mr Oh Boon Teck MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
41Mdm Shanthi Naidu MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
42Mr Melvin Sum  MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
43Mr Syed Ibrahim MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
44Mr Tan Yi Fan MOE Service Excellence Award (Gold)
45Mdm Ho Hwee Bin MOE Service Excellence Award (Silver)
46Mdm Ng Hwee Fern MOE Service Excellence Award (Silver)
47Ms Nur 'Ezzati  MOE Service Excellence Award (Silver)
48Mr Lim Jit Peow IsaacOutstanding Contribution Awards (Individual)
49Mr Mohammad FaisalOutstanding Contribution Awards (Individual) 
50Mr Melvin SumOutstanding Contribution Awards (Individual) 
51 Mr Dennis LinOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team) 
52Mr Thio Yu ChongOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
53Mr Lim Jit Peow IsaacOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team) 
54 Mr Mohamad AzharOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
55Mr Foo Shiang Xin Outstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
56Mdm Ho Hwee BinOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
57Mr John TeoOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
58Mr Tan Yi FanOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
59Mr Syed IbrahimOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
60Mr Juhari Bin AbdullahOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
61Mdm MuthuletchmiOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
62Ms Tham Yoke TengOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
63 Mrs Lam Yuan HoonOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
64Ms Rachel LouisOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team) 
65Ms Jolene WongOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
66Ms Diana KuekOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
67Ms Elsie LiuOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
68Ms Iris Chia Outstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
69Ms Pearlyn KhooOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
70Ms NurrulhudaOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
71Mr Kishan KumarOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
72Mdm Cao YangOutstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
73Mr Abdul Rashid Outstanding Contribution Awards (Team)
74 Ms Low Hei Chin Academy Awards for Professional Development 2019