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ALP: Drama, Debates and Public Speaking

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) helps students connect academic knowledge and skills with the real world. ALP is intended to help students appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic arena and to develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills. ALP is non-examinable and its emphasis is on the application of knowledge and thinking skills, stretching the imagination and applying these to authentic settings in society and industries.

In Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), we believe in the holistic development of the individual through the school curriculum and our ALP focuses on Developing Effective Communicators through Drama, Debates and Public Speaking.

Through our ALP, we hope our ACSBR gentlemen will:

      • Develop into confident communicators
      • Learn to express their opinions clearly and persuasively
      • Develop an awareness of and strengthen their non-verbal skills
      • Build and maintain positive relationships
      • Reflect on community, national and global issues

Tier 1
In addition to speech and oral communication lessons with curriculum time, our ACSBR gentlemen can look forward to taking part in our signature programmes at each level:
      • Secondary 1: Story-telling Workshops
      • Secondary 2: Drama and Theatre Exposure linked to Literature text
      • Secondary 3: Debates and Drama Workshops, Theatre Exposure

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Tier 2
      • Talent Development Programme
Students sign up for a variety of competitions and activities, such as Plain English Speaking Awards, ACJC Orator’s Trophy, Model United Nations, emcee-ing school events. Specific training is provided for these to help students hone their skills.
      • National Schools Literature Festival
Each year, several student teams are sent to NSLF to develop students’ passion for literature, showcase their skills and talents and integrate classroom teaching with authentic hands-on application.

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