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LLP: Sports and Outdoor Education

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) exposes students to a wide range of experiences to build their social-emotional competencies and to acquire sound values. LLP is intended to instil in students a sense of rootedness and responsibility for their community and fellow Singaporeans and an appreciation of aesthetics, sports and outdoor education.

In Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), we believe in the holistic development of the individual through the school curriculum and offer the LLP in Building Character through Sports and Outdoor Education. The outcomes of the LLP are:
      • Achieve personal well-being and effectiveness through a healthy lifestyle.
      • Change challenges into opportunities for growth
      • Stand by moral principles and shared values
      • Build and maintain positive relationships
      • Reflect on community, national and global issues

Every student will undergo a progressive three-year Outdoor Experiential Programme from Secondary 1 to 3 which seeks to expose him to outdoor living, encourage independence, teamwork and resilience, and eventually develop his leadership potential. Outdoor Education capitalises on the learning opportunities afforded by an outdoor setting that are not possible in a classroom setting.

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