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Secondary Three Outward Bound School / Values-in-Action Programme

Secondary 3 MOE-OBS Challenge

As part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan, all students in Singapore will get to participate in 3 cohort camps, including the MOE-OBS Challenge in Secondary 3. The programme aims to strengthen the holistic development of our gentlemen through developing confidence, resilience, empathy for others, maintaining a positive attitude when faced with adversity and committing to playing an active role in the improvement of the community and environment.

The 2021 edition of this Programme included a series of pre- and post-course lessons in school, and a 2-day Non-residential Course at OBS, where our gentlemen would experience various activities and overcome these challenges in an authentic outdoor setting - an excellent opportunity for our gentlemen to grow in the 3 Senses and 4 Honours.

Secondary 3 Values-in-Action (VIA) Programme

The Secondary 3 Values-in-Action (VIA) programme aims to develop our gentlemen into socially responsible citizens who will contribute meaningfully to the community. In view of the dynamic COVID-19 situation, the team collaborated with Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Senior Activity Centres (SACs) to carry out virtual workshops according to the interest of the seniors in the SACs the classes partnered with. Some examples of the workshops would be seniors-friendly exercise activities, terrarium making, and lantern making. The Secondary 3 classes also prepared additional activities to facilitate authentic interactions with the seniors who participated in their workshops, such as sing-along sessions with the classes memorising Mandarin/ Hokkien songs, song and drama performances and chairobics activities. These activities were prepared in anticipation of the seniors being able to complete the workshop activities faster than expected, as MWS informed us that there would be a wide range of psychomotor skills for the seniors.

In the process of preparing and executing the plan, our gentlemen grew in their Sense of Purpose, having clarity of mind of what they would like the seniors to learn and the bigger purpose of learning to use their talents to serve the community. They also grew in learning to honour effort, commitment and excellence despite the many changes they had to make along the way.

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