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Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Programme in ACS (Barker Road) is anchored on the principles of Servant Leadership, emphasizing the importance of service and placing the interests of others before self. The student leaders are also grounded in the five practices of the model of leadership espoused by Kouzes and Posner (Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Version, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart).
The school believes in providing varied opportunities for our students to step up to serve as leaders. These include higher appointments in the Prefectorial Board, Students Council, Monitors Council, Student Peer Support EXCO and the CCA Leaders as well as numerous other class-based appointments or CCA appointments.
Student leaders are empowered by their teachers to assist in the daily operations of the school (manage late coming of students, morning assemblies and ushering duties), plan and organize school events (e.g. Secondary 1 Orientation, AC week in the lead-up to Founders’ Day, Teachers Day, Graduation Night) and other events such as the Investiture and Custodian Appreciation Day. 
The annual Student Leaders Camp is also an opportunity for student leaders from different bodies to come together to bond and deepen their understanding of what it means to be an effective student leader. 
Dragon Boat activity during Student Leaders Camp
 Student Leaders forming the word ‘ACS’ under a time challenge during Student Leaders Camp
 Teachers Day Celebrations by the Student Leaders
 Student Leaders serving as Peer Leaders in the Secondary 1 Orientation
Student Leaders facilitating conversations during Student Dialogues
CCA Leaders attending a workshop during the Student Leaders Camp
Investiture of new leaders

 Student Leaders doing tree-planting and assisting in the giving out of necessities 
to the residents of Pek Kio