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Arts Education Programme

Objectives of Arts Education Programme at ACS(Barker Road)
  • To expose students to the processes involved in a production.  This is regardless of artistic form (For example, processes involved in dance, Drama, Film Music etc
  • To expose students to the different arts genres
  • To inculcate an appreciation for our heritage and strengthening the students’ sense of national identity and belonging
Our Arts Education curriculum for all our students focuses on two aspects: Firstly, to promote racial integration by encouraging greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures in Singapore and their musical traditions and Secondly, to support and develop our growing strength in Drama.
  1. Arts appreciation for the different cultures in Singapore
    Over a span of four years, focus will be placed on specific cultures prominent in Singapore. Performances of different art forms and groups will be organised to expose students to the selected culture for the year.

  2. Arts Appreciation for the different art forms with emphasis on Drama
    Drama workshops, dance workshops and viewing of theatrical productions are organized for our students in the 4/5 years of study at ACS (Barker Road) to nurture and cultivate appreciation in drama and theatre and enable them to acquire a basic understanding of its demands. 
In the lower secondary level, our students are exposed to Art and Music through workshops and performances.