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Design & Technology


Design and Technology (D&T) aims to develop in students the spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will be given knowledge of resistant materials and various technological principles based on Structures, Mechanism and Electronics.   They will be experiencing the making of products showing a high degree of design awareness and craftsmanship.

Subject content

Section 1: Design
Students will have an understanding of Product Design (gathering information related to design ideas, conduct feasibility studies etc. and Decision Making (make a decision why certain products are suitable, decide on materials and methods of construction)

Section 2: Technological Areas
Students will learn electronics, structures in product making and mechanisms used for functional purposes.

Section 3: Materials and Practical Processes  
Students will learn how to use materials like plastic, wood and metal in making artifacts. They will learn the various skills involved in handling a variety of equipment and machines to realize their product.


Paper 1:  Written Paper 30%
  • Candidates will be required to show their understanding of the topics in Design and Technological areas.
Paper 2:  Design Project 70%
  • Question paper would be issued in January (Secondary 4)
  • Candidates will have about 6-8 months to complete the following
The design project comprises of Part A and Part B.  For Part A, candidates would be required to keep a complete documentation of all design activities related to the given Design Project theme.
For Part B, candidates would need to come up with presentation boards and an Artifact to show the quality of the final design proposal:  Details, viability, innovativeness, desirability.

Subject syllabuses


Photos of Students making D&T Artifact

Joining of Materials
Shaping of Work piece
Cutting of Work piece
 Joining of Materials   Shaping of Work piece  Cutting of Work piece