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Principles of Accounts


It is the intent of both the GCE O- & N-level syllabi that students develop the abilities to prepare, communicate and use accounting information. In the learning process, students will develop a keen eye for detail, an important attribute for accountants. Students will also learn to be organised and structured when they consolidate information into financial statements used by stakeholders for decision-making.

In addition, students will learn to use both accounting and non-accounting information to make decisions, and to become critical thinkers who solve problems and adapt to the evolving needs of stakeholders. We hope that students learning Principles of Accounts will develop these attributes, which will serve them well in the future.


To be implemented from Year of Examination 2021

7087 Principles of Accounts GCE Ordinary Level (2021)

Syllabus Document: 7087_y21_sy.pdf

Specimen Paper 1: 7087_y21_sp_1.pdf

Specimen Paper 2: 7087_y21_sp_2.pdf


7086 Principles of Accounts GCE Normal (Academic) Level (2021)

Syllabus Document: 7086_y21_sy.pdf

Specimen Paper 1: 7086_y21_sp_1.pdf

Specimen Paper 2: 7086_y21_sp_2.pdf