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A Tribute to Mr Lim Teow Lin

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On 8 Oct 2022, a beloved former teacher of our ACS family passed away.

Mr Lim Teow Lin studied at Catholic High School, went to NAFA to learn art and subsequently joined Teachers’ Training College.

As a teacher, he taught in ACS and ACJC throughout his working life. In his 32 years in ACS, he taught Chinese and Art. He also took charge of the NCC and Badminton.

When he retired, Mr Lim spent his days sketching and painting, often at the Chinese Gardens. Art was his lifelong passion.

In 2017, with the support of Chinatown Heritage Centre, a Lim Teow Lin Art exhibition was held and ACSians rose to the occasion to support Mr Lim. Every exhibited piece of art was sold including his water colour interpretations of ACS and ACJC. It was a very special occasion for Mr Lim.

A teacher at heart, Mr Lim was concerned for ACS students in financial difficulties. So, in 2020, the Lim Teow Lin Bursary was set up in ACS(Barker Road) to help students and their families in financial need. It will continue to support our needy students though Mr Lim is no longer with us. To date it has helped many of our gentlemen and their families tide over a bad time, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Lim Teow Lin will be remembered through the ages for his mentorship and selfless giving. We are truly blessed to have been able to count him among the ranks of the faithful in the ACS family.

Thank you, Sir, and God Bless you.

May you rest in peace.

Some content in this post was adapted with consent from a social media post by Ms Glacy Soh.