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Application for ACS Barker Road Campus Carpark Entry Label

Dear Sir/Mdm
The car park label allows you access to the Transport Centre but it does not allow you to park at the Transport Centre. Other designated drop-off/pick-up points include the Chancery Lane Activity Area and Gates ‘C’/‘B3’ along Barker Road.
Designated red-bays, strictly reserved for teaching staff, have been marked within the Transport Centre. Only vehicles with designated staff labels are allowed to park in these red-bays. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to park in the Transport Centre, in particular, these reserved red-bays. The security guards will wheel-clamp your car if your car is found parked in a red-bay without a valid label. A fee of $100.00 will be charged to release your car
We appreciate parents’/guardians’ cooperation in these traffic matters as our pupils’ safety is of utmost concern to us and we will not hesitate to stop any inconsiderate drivers from entering our school premises.
Click here to access the form.
Thank you
ACS Barker Road Campus Management Committee