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The ACS (BR) Community Building & Culinary Fundraising Series 2018

ACS (Barker Road) has always held a unique place in the ACS family of schools. At this school, all boys from our feeder schools - ACS (Primary) and ACS (Junior) have the opportunity to enjoy an ACS secondary school education that is God-centred, holistic and inculcates the ACS spirit of camaraderie and sharing of blessings as generations of ACSians before us have experienced.

ACS (Barker Road) will be building an Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) that will comprise sports facilities such as an artificial turfed Futsal Court and indoor courts as well as other enhanced facilities for learning and the Performing Arts. Our prayer is that the ISH will facilitate rigorous curricular and co-curricular programmes where each young gentleman is inspired to achieve his full potential through holistic learning experiences, a true hallmark of an ACS brand of education. The ISH will provide a venue where our students will develop and showcase their talents while understanding and developing the moral values of trust, sportsmanship, teamwork and community service through sports.

The ACS (BR) Community Building and Culinary Fundraising Series 2018 is a concerted effort of a team of dedicated staff, parents and alumni with a goal of giving our young gentlemen and the community the best through Co-curricular Activities. The committee endeavours to raise $730,000 towards the funding of this project and I appeal for your support.

The Culinary Series will begin on 07 July with Lunch at New Ubin Seafood by ACS alumni chefs - the Pang family (New Ubin Seafood), Chung Deming (The Quarters) and Jeremy Nguee (Preparazzi) - and followed by Cooking Demo Classes by Chefs from the Les Amis Group:

a. 21 July – Chef Dalton Fong from La Strada
b. 28 July – Chef Laurent Brouard from Bistro Du Vin
c. 04 Aug – Chef Ng Wei Han from La Taperia

The series will culminate on 07 Aug at the 2- star Michelin restaurant, Les Amis, with an exquisite seasonal menu created uniquely for this event with wine pairings. Attached are the details and menus for Les Amis and New Ubin Seafood and a reservation form for your perusal and completion. The reservation form should be submitted to the General Office of ACS (Barker Road) together with your payment. You may also do the REGISTRATION ONLINE at the link provided and submit your payment thereafter to the General Office at ACS (Barker Road).

Your generosity will help in the preservation of the ACS legacy of a unique, well-rounded education for generations to come. Thank you in advance.