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Financial Support, Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards

*For Secondary 1 students applying for financial aid, please purchase your books at Pacific Bookstore at Secondary School Canteen and uniform at Bibi & Baba's premises from 26 December onwards.


IDA introduced a scheme to all schools to help needy students purchase their own computers.

For more information, please visit the IMDA web page on NEU PC Plus Programme

Information and Application for MOE FAS


Name of FAS

Quantum of FAS/Bursary

Eligibility Criteria

Additional information

Application Process


·       100% subsidy for school fees and standard miscellaneous fees per month

·       Free textbooks

·       Free school attire

·       75% waiver of National Examination Fees (100% waiver for students on Public Assistance Scheme)

·       Student must be a Singapore citizen enrolled in a Government or Government-aided school and meets either one of the following criteria:

o   His or her family’s gross household income (GHI) as at the time of application does not exceed $2,750 per month; or

o   His or her family’s per capital income (PCI) as at the time of application does not exceed $690 per month.

*PCI = Monthly GHI / No.of members in the household

·       Considered for MOE Opportunity Fund*

·       Considered for school-based financial assistance*

·       Awardees will be expected to

o   Conduct themselves well

o   Contribute to the school community

o   Perform reasonably well academically

Students must submit the following to either the General Office or to the FAS officer:

·       Application Form (link to MOE FAS Form’)


·       Supporting financial documents such as

o   Income Tax Assessment Returns,

o   Pay slips

o   Written declarations of non-employment (if applicable)


1) Click on this Link and download the application form

2) Complete the application form and submit it with the necessary updated documents to either Mdm Julie Lam Gek Choo (Administration Manager) or Mdm Geetha, who are both at our General Office. 

Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards